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Diamonds Unleashed Collection

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No customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. December 3, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This is kind of odd but I have pictures to prove it. My dog was eating her dinner and I noticed her bowl was tipped over.

For some reason the top portion just broke off. When I picked it up I found that there were a bunch of headless army men in the bottom portion of the bowl I'm a little speechless The bowls are great.

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I have two red ones and one black one and I love them, but this is just odd The bowl on the left is the other bowl we have for comparison the one on the right is the broken one. October 26, - Published on Amazon.

UNLEASHED Collection — Hünd Company

This is flagrant misrepresentation. The 2nd day, my dog knocked it over and it broke. While attempting to pick up the broken pieces, while keeping my dog from injuring himself on all the broken pieces, I lacerated my finger requiring sutures. November 30, - Published on Amazon. I got my replacement for the first one that was warped. I was so excited that it sat flat but as I went to place the bowl in the stand I noticed the base was damaged in a way the would not have happened during shipping.

System Requirements

So disappointed. I wanted to buy this for my dog for a long time and I finally did when it was on sale even though on sale price was more than I wanted to pay for a dog bowl. Its warped and rocks while sitting on a flat tile. I hope I can get a replacement that is in better quality. This is an expensive raised feeder to have this issue. March 7, - Published on Amazon. This was a bit pricey for made in China ceramic, I suppose the cost is in the shipping since it's really heavy. I needed a stand that would hold one bowl.

I tried a wood stand and the bowl just rattled around and it looked and felt cheap. I finally found this Unleashed stand and although it was on the expensive side I gave it a shot. I liked everything about this stand except the cheap steel bowl that comes with the stand. The bowl that comes with the Unleashed stand is deep and somewhat narrow and it rattles around when resting in the ceramic stand.

I added felt bumpers inside the stand and that helped a bit. I wanted a second bowl to make swapping out dishes easier, but Unleashed was charging way to much for one thin and cheap stainless steel bowl. These Americat bowls work great with the Unleashed stand Siamese cat added for scale. May 30, - Published on Amazon.

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We were a little hesitant when we pulled these out of the box and realized they were not as heavy as we would have expected them to be. With an 85 pound black lab with lots of energy, we were not sure how well these would do for him. We couldn't have been more pleased with how well they have worked out for us.

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The collection is available to purchase on Tarte's website , with a release soon to follow at Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's. In the product description Tarte says the eyeshadow palette was inspired by "animal kingdom kweens", noting that the included shades are matte, metallic, and earthy.

Tarte's signature neutrals are present, as are a few summer vacation-ready shades — like the gorgeous turquoise shimmer "Toad-ally" you'll probably want to dip into every single day. And speaking of new favorite eyeshadow shades: The limited-edition "Unleashed" Chrome Paint Shadow Pot is going to become a cult favorite amongst Tarte fans obsessed with the brand's signature purple packaging. Apply just one layer of it on days you want a less noticeable glow, then pack on three when you want all eyes on you — Tarte points out in the product description that the formula will melt and blend into your skin if you apply it with your fingers.

Summer is here, and it's time to celebrate the Tarte way i.