The Co³ - Core Concepts of Coxistence

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  3. The Co3: Core Concepts of Coexistence
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ISBN 13: 9781467067225

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Quantum Chemistry

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Read e-book The Co³ - Core Concepts of Coxistence

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The Co3: Core Concepts of Coexistence

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Detalhes do Produto

David Gabb, Chullikkattil P. The book starts with a look into the authors past; the challenges he faced during his childhood, his life growing up, and what drove him to discover coexistence for himself. The first section of the book deals with ignorance and the inherent traits of being human. He then continues to break down the core concepts of coexistence as acceptance, respect, and equality. Through this journey he demonstrates the root causes of all conflict and teaches how to identify conflict at the source and collectively move towards coexistence.

He shares real-life experiences that are easy to relate to and validate his theories. By the books end, the reader gains an extensive understanding of conflict and how to foster an environment conducive to coexistence. Sean-Michael has studied human interaction since his childhood. He spent most of his life struggling with obesity, depression, and social anxiety.

Growing up, he was the outcast and the target of cruelty. He was picked on and humiliated on a daily basis, and had few friends, if any.

Through these challenges, he was able to study human interaction from an outsiders point-of-view. As he developed and matured he used his past experience to gain insight into the inner-workings of humanity and society as a whole. After countless hours of meditation on all of the conflict in the world, he arrived at the concept of coexistence.

Using only his life experience for reference he developed and founded The Coexistence Coalition in For more information visit www. Formats Softcover. Book Details.