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Per l'amor del cielo, state lontani dalle finte bottiglie.

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Se vuoi la pizza, te la fai. Chiunque non sia in grado di abbinare correttamente i colori, o di riconoscere un capo ben fatto da un "Made in China", va dritto sui tuoi libri neri.

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  • Carlo Ratti Associati designs world's first driverless bar that can autonomously make cocktails!
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A tua difesa, non critichi mai apertamente ma, ammettiamolo, il tuo stile e il tuo gusto sono sempre impeccabili. Skip to main content.

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English Version Italian Version Indeed, it can happen to the best of us. A tua difesa, non critichi mai apertamente ma, ammettiamolo, il tuo stile e il tuo gusto sono sempre impeccabili 9. More By Author. Carretti Siciliani: the young faces of an ancient tradition. Embrace the Italian in you: 5 things to do and feel more Italian than ever! See More Articles.

One Day In July 9, I think that speaking with an artist is always, always an honor. And for this reason, I was truly delighted and — I must admit — quite excited, by July 2, For Italian-Americans , Despite its centenarian status, the June 28, The chef-inspired company produces a fresh and invigorating twist on two summer staples: sorbets and premium liquors. Buzz Pop Cocktails is unique in that it starts with the cocktail and turns it into a high-quality Italian sorbet. The diagnoses received showed potential cumulative savings of about 1,5 Mtoe, of which almost 0,8 Mtoe could be achieved with slightly more than 8 interventions and a payback period equal or less then three years, while more than 1,1 Mtoe could be achieved with about 14 interventions and a payback period equal or less then five years.

The following chart illustrates the progressive interventions and potential savings Mtoe in relation with payback time years.

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  5. Figure 2 Progressive intervention numbers and potential savings Mtoe in relation with payback time years Source: data elaboration from ENEA. The secret of the Italian success is to find in the innovative approach that includes a mix of best practices. Moreover, this approach increased awareness among enterprises to meet the deadline for the presentation of the documentation. Along with the Permanent Technical Tables, ENEA proposed and developed an innovative and logical operative approach to articulate the energy audit, and a scheme to analyze the energy structure of the site subject to the audit.

    The scheme gives a complete overlook of the energy performance of the production site, for every energy carrier electric, thermal, vapor, hot water, etc.

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    Together with several Italian trade associations[ii], ENEA developed specific guidelines for each sector, and available for everyone. Resources are allocated to the Regions based on a proportional number of SMEs on their respective territory. Buzz Pop Cocktails anticipated millennials to be its target audience, but the company has been pleasantly surprised that everyone from 21 to 70 years old enjoys its refreshing treat. Our next big play is selling our product overseas. Check out our latest Edition!

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